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Submitting Articles to RoMES

MESA policy has established the focus of the Review of Middle East Studies (RoMES) as the state of the craft in all fields of Middle East studies. RoMES is served by an editor, managing editor, and several associate editors representing different fields in Middle East studies. The scope of RoMES is primarily the modern period, but also includes scholarship on premodern topics, including Islamic and cultural studies. In addition to standard subjects in Middle East area studies, the editors invite articles on new and evolving topics and problems in research, reports from the field, new methods and technologies in research and teaching about the Middle East, and ethical issues in scholarship on the Middle East. All submissions should be sent by electronic email attachment in MS Word format to: Heather Ferguson, Editor:


All submitted articles will be screened by the editor, and one or two associate editors with relevant expertise. Due to the part time and volunteer nature of the editorial board and staff, only finished drafts will be reviewed and vetted for publication.   Most articles accepted by the editors will be processed in a double-blind peer review.  RoMES reserves the right to edit articles that exceed agreed-upon word length or which fall outside stated guidelines of style, in which case the manuscript may be returned to the author for additional editing.

Works Cited

All works referenced in the article, including those alluded to in endnotes, should be listed under “Works Cited” immediately below the text of the article. Because RoMES articles and notices are restricted to 6000 words or fewer, the editor encourages adequate referencing of works to substantiate the arguments of the article, but not an in-depth referencing of works in the topic field. 

Endnotes, if employed, should appear below Works Cited. Endnotes should not be used to extend relevant information pertaining to the text, but rather to briefly clarify information in the text. Any works referred to in endnotes should be fully listed only under Works Cited.    

The Review of Middle East Studies follows The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition (CMS), as slightly adapted below to recent practice of the journal, and the International Journal of Middle East Studies (IJMES) guidelines on style and transliteration. The CMS can be accessed on many university library Websites.  Loanwords from Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and other languages spoken in the Middle East should be transliterated, following IJMES guidelines: pages/transliteration.html.  A one-page chart from IJMES is available for Arabic, Persian, and Turkish: Note that “Words found in Webster’s Third International Dictionary should be spelled as they appear in that source and not treated as technical terms. They should have no diacritics, nor should they be italicized—for example, mufti, jihad, shaykh.”  See the IJMES Word List (PDF) for exceptions that preserve ʿayn  and hamza, for example, Qurʾan, shariʿa,  and Kaʿba:

Works Cited Examples

Books (One Author)
Kourik, Robert. 1998. The Lavender Garden: Beautiful Varieties to Grow and Gather. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.
In-Text:  re: page 72
(Kouric: 72).  If more than one work by  Kouric:  (Kourik 1998: 72). 

Books (Two  or More Authors)
Flinders, David J. and Geoffrey E. Mills, eds. 1993. Theory and Concepts in Qualitative Research: Perspectives from the Field. New York: Teachers College Press.
In-Text:  re: pages 96-8
(Flinders and Mills: 96-98). If more than one work by the same authors:  (Flinders and Mills 1993: 96-98)

Electronic Book
Rollin, Bernard E. 1998. The Unheeded Cry: Animal Consciousness, Animal Pain, and Science. Ames, IA: The Iowa State University Press. http://www.
(Rollin 1998)

Journal Article (One Author)
Terborgh, James. 1974. "Preservation of Natural Diversity: The Problem of Extinction-prone Species." Bioscience 24: 715-22.
In-Text: re: page 720
(Terbourg: 720)   -  (Terbourg 1974: 720) if more than one work by this author.

Journal Article (Two Authors)
Bolzan, John F. and Kristen C. Jezek. 2000. "Accumulation Rate Changes in Central Greenland from Passive Microwave Data." Polar Geography 27(4): 277-319.
In-Text: re: page 280
(Bolzan and Jezek: 280)  

Newspaper Article
Zamiska, Nicholas and Nicholas Casey. 2007. "Toy Makers Face Dilemma Over Supplier." Wall Street Journal, August 17. Corporate Focus Section.
In-Text:  re: page C-27
(Zamiska and Casey 2007: C-27)

Electronic Journal Article
Works Cited:
Thomas, Trevor M. 1956. "Wales: Land of Mines and Quarries." Geographical Review 46 (1), January.
(Thomas 1956)

Thesis or Dissertation
Karcz, J. 2006. “First-principles Examination of Molecule Formation in Interstellar Grains.” PhD diss., Cornell University.
(Karcz 2006).  Page 207 (Karcz 2006: 207).  Pages 207 and 213 (Karcz 2006:  207, 213).

Web Site
Hermans-Killam, Linda. 2010. "Infrared Astronomy." California Institute of Technology. Accessed Sept 21.  Accessed on [most recent date].

NB:  It is the author’s responsibility to test Website URLs that appear in Works Cited.


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