MESA - Middle East Studies Association

2017 MESA Members Meeting

Monday, November 20
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
Marriott Salon I

The members meeting is an annual meeting of the membership open to all members. Voting is restricted to full and student MESA members. The meeting mainly consists of reports (see sample agenda below). Where members play an important role is in voting for the Nominating Committee and on any resolutions that are being presented. A member in good standing can add names to the list of people who will be invited to run for the Nominating Committee, to augment those proposed by MESA’s Board.


A minimum of 35 voting-eligible members must be in attendance for votes to be taken. Failing that, the meeting can be held but votes cannot be taken.


When important issues are before the membership, resolutions are sometimes presented at the members meeting. Resolutions can originate from MESA’s Board or from the membership. For resolutions to be acted upon at the 2017 Members Meeting, they must be in the hands of the MESA Secretariat by November 3, 2017. Instructions for submitting resolutions can be found in MESA’s Bylaws which are posted on MESA’s website at

Draft Agenda

1. Call to Order and Establishment of Quorum
2. Adoption of Meeting Rules
3. Adoption of the Agenda
4. In Memorium and Moment of Silence
5. Annoucement of 2017 MESA Election Results
6. 2018 MESA Nominating Committee Vote and Call for Names
7. Report of the Executive Director, Amy W. Newhall
8. Report of the Editors
International Journal of Middle East Studies
- Akram Khater, Editor
Review of Middle East Studies - Heather Ferguson, Editor
9. Committee on Academic Freedom Report by Laurie Brand, Committee Chair
10. New Business
11. Adjournment

Sincere there was no business tabled from the 2016 annual members meeting in Boston, MA, there is no unfinished business to be considered this year.


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